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What makes whiskey great compared to other liquor is that it lasts longer than any other spirit in the market. With the increasing amount of varieties that are being released every year, it’s hard to keep track of what’s new and what’s popular.

There are a lot of different liquors on the market that you can consider as “the best”. However, even though they’re the best brands in the market there’s no security as to how they taste. So the next best thing that you can for is to buy the popular brands.

In this article, we’ve listed the most popular whiskey drinks that you can buy on the market today. Take note that there are a lot of types of this drink like your Bourbon, Rye, Canadian, and Scotch. To give you a little bit of everything, we’ve collected one liquor of each type.

Jack Daniels


The first liquor in our list is one of the oldest and most respected American spirits that the world has ever tasted. Whenever you hear the words Tennessee the only thing that comes to mind is Jack Daniels. This popular Tennessee whiskey has been around for over more than 140 years.

Despite its age and long history, the flavor of the liquor doesn’t seem to change. Instead, the longer the brand exists, the better the liquor tastes. It’s not surprising that this brand is popular given the fact that this brand has existed for over 100 years.

Jim Beam


Some types of whiskey are famous for their name, but you can’t seem to figure out what type of liquor it is. This next liquor doesn’t need any explanation on what type of spirit it is. Whenever you hear the words Jim Beam you’ll instantly know that it’s one of the best Bourbon in the world.

Jim Beam’s distinct flavor is what patrons love about this brand. This liquor is being sold to over a hundred countries all over the world. There hasn’t been a brand of Bourbon whiskey in the world that could match the popularity of this liquor.

Johnnie Walker


When we talk about the most popular Scotch whiskey there are only two brands that pop in our mind, Dewars and Johnnie Walker. We could have placed Dewars on this list but when it comes to popularity Johnnie Walker takes the cake.

This award-winning and iconic drink could be located in any bar counter and liquor store worldwide. The amount of international success that this brand received for isn’t something to be belittled. The company claims that their brand is so popular, that around 6 bottles are being sold per second.

J&B (Justerini & Brooks)


If you happen to live in London then this brand of Scotch might be familiar to you. J&B or Justerini & Brooks, is a popular whiskey brand not only in Europe but all over the world because of its interesting taste that some people have grown to love.

This brand is equally popular in America and other parts of the world. J&B started their run in Italy and soon traveled to London for better opportunities. This brand is one of the first spirits to make waves in London, because of its unique taste and blend.

Chivas Regal


The liquor of the elites, this Scotch is the leading brand when it comes to fancy and sophisticated occasions. Chivas Regal is a popular drink among the rich and famous; one well-known personality that has endorsed the brand was Frank Sinatra.

Because of the popularity of the brand, it garnered a lot of international recognition at spirit competitions. Today, Chivas Regal received as a drink for success and celebrations, whenever someone has achieved something in life, Chivas Regal is the spirit of celebrations.

Canadian Club


popular Canadian whiskey brand, there’s no other brand that could top Canadian Club. This brand of liquor has a light and versatile taste that a lot of people love. Because of its soaring popularity in Canada, it has made its way across America and around the world.

Today, Canadian Club has received a lot of awards, including multiple warrants from Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. This brand of liquor is so popular that it’s known as the fourth best-selling liquor in the world. Canadian Club is also available in different types of whiskey.

Jameson Irish Whiskey


For those who love Irish whiskey, you can’t just miss this brand as it is one of the most popular spirits of this type of liquor. Jameson Irish Whiskey was once considered as the number one liquor during the 1800’s because of its unique taste and rich origin. Fans of the brand just love the sweet honey taste of this liquor.

The brand is well known for its method of distilling its liquor. The process of making Irish liquor is by distilling the mash 3 times during the course of its process. Despite its history of setbacks, Jameson has grown to be one of the most popular Irish liquors in the world, selling 56 million bottles annually.

Wild Turkey


Let’s get this out of the way and say this liquor is not made from wild turkeys. First founded in Kentucky, this straight Bourbon whiskey was being made popular when it was being given as a sample liquor during a turkey hunt. This is where it got its name as Wild Turkey.

A lot of whiskey reviewers gave this liquor a positive rating because of its sweet and woodiness of a taste. The brand has a unique slogan which says “Give ‘em the Bird”. This slogan has become a trademark for the brand and is being used worldwide by any celebrities.

Knob Creek


Knob Creek, a well-received spirit known for its many brands of whiskey but one of its more popular brands is its Rye Whiskey. This fine liquor is being distilled in Kentucky where they also produce Bourbon liquor and other types of spirit in their distillery.

What makes this liquor popular is that it is a light and spicy with a bit of a bitter taste that patrons love. The brand was first introduced in 1992 and today the brand is still well recognized for its great contributions to the world of spirits.

WhistlePig Straight Rye

When it comes to straight Rye, nothing comes close to the popularity of WhistlePig Straight Rye. The name comes from the history of the place where Raj Bhakta purchased an old dairy farm located at Vermont’s Champlain Valley. He turned the old farm into a distillery where he planted Rye.

WhistlePig Rye, throughout the years, has already received numerous awards for its outstanding product. It even earned the highest score for a Rye Whiskey to ever receive which is 96 points. It was also once hailed as Americas Best Whiskey during its prime.

There are a lot more brands in the market that you can consider popular. The liquors that are listed here are just some of the many brands that you can discover. So group up with your friends and plan a liquor tasting event and find out for yourself what is the best brand in the market.

What about you? Tell me in the comments what is your go to brand!

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