10 Myths About Whiskey You Probably Still Believe

There are always a lot of fake facts and misconceptions surrounding whiskey. You might often hear from other drinkers some random facts about this drink. But how sure are you that these facts are actually true?

You might have heard or read somewhere of the different stories about whiskey. While some of the stories you’ve heard might be true. There are those which are just misunderstandings and misconceptions, but nonetheless, there are those which are just pure nonsense.

A lot of drinkers often make the wrong presumption about this drink because of its similarities to other drinks like rum and brandy. Because of these similarities, presumptions and myths intertwine with one another thus creating` false assumptions.

Where do These Myths Come from?

Myths about whiskey often come from misconceptions and misinformation. Myths about this drink can easily spread from one person to another by just simply sitting down and having a cold one with your pals. And seriously, who doesn’t want to share their expertise about alcohol with their friends?

While drunkenness might be one of the best reasons why these myths exist. There are those which are just ignorant of the facts presented to them. And those who read false facts about our beloved drink.

In this article, we will be debunking some of the top myths that you probably still believe about whiskey. Read on to find out!

The Older The Better

One popular myth you might have heard is that older whiskey tastes better. It’s a common theme that people compare this drink with wine that when it’s aged longer it tastes better. Well, this is actually wrong! Older doesn’t always mean better.

The reason behind this is that there are different types of this drink and each type has its own aging process. When it exceeds the allocated time for it matures, the flavor changes as well as the color. The best tasting drink is in their respective barrel and respective age.

When the liquid inside of the barrel stays for too long, it absorbs more and more of the barrel’s properties. It will overwhelm the flavor of the drink to the point that it could no longer be drinkable. So, for this myth, older doesn’t always mean better.

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Bourbon Whiskey is Only Made in Kentucky

Yes, Bourbon whiskey is NOT only made in Kentucky. While 95% of this drink is distilled in Kentucky, it can still be made outside of this state. In fact, Bourbon is being made in any state in America. There’s no law prohibiting the manufacturing of Bourbon outside of Kentucky.

There is, however, a law prohibiting the manufacturing of Bourbon outside of the United States. As long as they follow the strict rules in manufacturing Bourbon, any state can produce and distill their own Bourbon.

Depending on your taste, Bourbon produced outside of Kentucky could still tingle your taste buds. But for those who prefer authentic Bourbon, you could always buy your drink exclusively from Kentucky made brands. As for the myth, it’s completely false.

Expensive Whiskey Tastes Best

This myth is completely false. The contention that when something has a high price it holds a high value is something common in marketing. It implies that when a certain product has a high price it holds a lot of value. In this case, an expensive whiskey will taste better than cheap ones.

How a drink tastes solely depend on one’s own personal preference. The price doesn’t dictate how this drink should taste. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to liquor, some might love the taste of cheap liquor and despise the taste of expensive liquor.

This works both ways as some people adore expensive liquor over cheap ones. Numerous studies and experiments have proved this theory. The experiment proved that there is no definitive relationship between quality and price.


Dark Color Means It’s Aged Longer

There are those who believe that the darker the color, the longer it is being aged. The fact is that there’s no truth to this myth. While aging plays a role in changing the color of the whiskey, it doesn’t completely depend on this factor.

What affects the color of the whiskey is the barrel where it’s stored. The color of the liquor also depends on the type of barrel used to store the liquid. Whether it’s an oak or charred barrel, the color will definitely change.

Another factor that changes the color of the liquor is food coloring. Some distillers add some food coloring like caramel to their liquor. Depending on the type of whiskey, each distiller adds some coloring to their barrels before it’s stored.

Whiskey Must Be Aged For 50 Years

50 years is a long time for a liquor to sit inside a distillery, which is why this myth is a bust.

However, there is some truth to this myth. Whiskey needs aging for a certain amount of time depending on the type of drink.

Each type of drink has its own preferred aging process. It ranges for about 2-30 years far from the myth that’s said to be 50 years. For example, Bourbon is being aged for about 2-8 years while Scotch is being aged for about 3-30 years.

There’s no definite period to age this drink this is why each distiller has their own specific time to distill their liquor. There is, however, a minimum number of years for this drink to mature which is about 2 years of storage.

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Whiskey Should Only Be Consumed Neat

The myth is that drinking this liquor other than drinking it neat will alter its taste. That’s why the only way to truly enjoy and appreciate this drink is by drinking it raw. This might be true for some but it’s not the only way to drink whiskey.

While most people prefer to drink their liquor raw or pure, this isn’t the only method of drinking whiskey. Drinking it neat is only one of the many ways of drinking this liquor. Just like your cheap and expensive drinks, it all boils down to personal preference.

This myth is being attributed to the older generation of drinkers which prefer to drink their liquor raw or pure. Don’t feel pressured if you’re faced with this kind of dilemma. Stay true to yourself and drink it however you want.

Putting Water Will Make Whiskey Better

Just like the myth that whiskey is being consumed raw, this myth is about bringing the best out of your drink. While this myth sounds appealing to some, there is no correlation between water and whiskey other than personal taste.

Just like before, drinking this liquor boils down to personal preferences. While there are those who love to put water on their liquor, there are those who prefer to drink it raw. This is the very reason why this myth is a bust.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy this drink. So don’t be afraid to explore the different possibilities that you might face. You might find something new and enjoyable that suits your taste.


All Whiskey Tastes The Same

You don’t have to be an expert to tell that there’s a difference in each type of whiskey. At first, this myth might sound true for beginners. This is because whiskey has a strong scent and taste which is hard to distinguish.

But as time passes by, you will begin to notice the difference between each type of this drink. For example, Bourbon has a sweet woodiness scent while Irish has a sweet and honey-like scent. Give it a bit of time and you will notice more and more differences in each type.

This myth is completely false because of the existence of other types of whiskey. And each type represents a different way of preparing this liquor which is why it’s impossible to taste the same. Each type has its own unique texture and flavor.

Whiskey and Whisky is The Same

While most people agree that whiskey and whisky are basically the same except for the difference in spelling, there is more to this myth than mere play of words. The difference in spelling it actually signifies where the liquor is being manufactured.

Whiskey’s spelled with an “E” is often associated with American production. While whiskeys spelled without the “E” comes from sources outside of the United States. This might come as a surprise for some, but veteran drinkers know their liquor too well.

While the myth is not completely false, there is a need to distinguish the difference between the two. This is because some people prefer their liquor made originally from the US while others enjoy it either way.

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Whiskey is Different From Bourbon, Canadian, And Scotch

This might be the most confusing myth out there that most people still believe. Well, to set the record straight, whiskey is a general term to describe the liquor while Bourbon, Canadian, and Scotch is a specific type of this drink.

Bourbon, Tennessee, Canadian, Irish, Rye, and Scotch are all types of whiskey. People get confused easily due to the numerous variants being sold in the market. It’s a common mistake that beginners make when introduced to different brands of liquor.

While they are in fact made differently, they still fall in the same general category under whiskey. What caused this myth to spread is that people misinterpret the different classifications of this drink as something of a different type of liquor.

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