10 Things You Didn’t Know About Moonshine

In America, moonshine is a significant part of prohibition culture. Since it was produced illegally, it is classified as unregulated. Hence, it was a thrill in the past to endeavor in illegal alcohol with an accompaniment of risk and danger.

Moonshine is traced back centuries in the Appalachian region in America. You can see throughout the history of the U.S. that it has been very controversial. As time passed, it earned its popularity during Prohibition when moonshine was exported out of the said region and spread out over the country.

Back in the old days, illegal liquor was called Moonshine. It is a slang term that was used in America decades ago. Yet, have you ever heard of it? You probably have not, which is why its barrel is marked with XXX in the old days, which you can often see in TV shows.

So, why is moonshine so unique?

Well, if it’s marked with triple X, that’s the best liquor that you would get back in the days. Triple X means that the alcohol went through the still three times which makes it taste exceptional and strong!

Here Are 10 Other Things You Didn't Think About When I said “Moonshine”

Moonshine is Hinted as an Illegal Activity

It originated in Britain, and it means any illegal activity that is done in the middle of the night. The name was carried to the US during the Civil War when alcohol taxes soared sky high, and people started selling it illegally in the middle of the night.

Moonshine is the Reason why we now have NASCAR

The fastest way to get away from the cops while selling illegal moonshine is to modify the speed power of cars. What people back in the days would do is drop off the alcohol at the buying point and speed away as fast as they could. During the civil war, this technique was also done in countries like Canada and some European countries.

Eventually, this method in the modern days is turned into car racing known as NASCAR which started in Georgia.

You Could Put Your Life at Risk

In the past, some moonshiners use a car radiator as condensers as a shortcut to producing alcohol. And you can guess from there, it’s dangerous. Some radiators might still have leftover antifreeze inside it which can cause severe damage to someone.

Moonshine and Whiskey are Practically Twins

The difference between Moonshine and Whisky is that the latter is aged. Like Moonshine, whiskey has a clear alcohol before it’s aged. Yet, unlike whiskey, moonshine can be made from anything and may have an illegal substance in it. Thus, traditionally, this alcohol is a clear-like color but with a hint of corn which is perfect for substituting cocktail drinks.

The List of Names Goes On

Considering that it is any illegal alcohol, the list of what its called goes on forever. It would probably take a day or two to list down the nicknames. But, my top pick of nicknames include Mountain Dew, Happy Sally, See 7 stars, Popskull, White Lightning, Mule Kick, and Panther’s breath.

Mountain Dew and Moonshine are Closely Related

It may be unheard, but back in the day, soda was initially used as a chaser for whiskey in the 1930s. Besides, it is not a coincidence that one of the nicknames is Mountain Dew. Now, Mountain Dew is a regular drink we all know which you can have at any time during the day.

It Could Cause Blindness

In the past, it was widely known that it could cause blindness. The primary contributor to this is the methanol, a byproduct of alcohol distillation. When you are buying moonshine, back in the old days, you should be cautious of the seller due to the high rate of illegal booze. Some crappy distillers would add in methanol to the alcohol to make it even stronger but it would cause consumers great damage.

It's Not Just In America

By definition, moonshine is any illegal alcohol and like America, a lot of countries has their own history of unlawful activities of booze. In countries like Libya, it is known as bokha while in Norway is it named Hjemmebrent, and Russia produces samogen. Almost all countries have their own name to illegally acquire or produce alcohol due to high taxes and strict laws.

In America, The First Legalized Moonshine Distillery was in North Carolina

It was in 2015 when Piedmont Distillers in Madison, North Carolina first sold their moonshine legally. The recipe that was used by Piedmont Distillers came from relatives of moonshiners and 1950s and ‘60s Nascar superstar, Junior Johnson.

Piedmont distillers were known for their triple-distilled alcohol. Besides, they use real fruit in their fruit infused batches.

Moonshine is as good in cocktails

Most men drink this straight from the jar or barrel. However, you can mix and experiment with different flavor. One famous recipe is the southern classic Front Porch Peach Tea. The cocktail is 2 parts Ole Smokey Peach Moonshine, 1-part sweet tea and 1-part lemonade. Don’t forget to garnish it with peach and mint!

To summarize, moonshine was quite famous in the past not just because of the product but as well as the availability of it. Prohibition of this alcohol is the key reason it has been in existence for centuries. The thrill and danger of acquiring some are a hype that drove moonshine to the modern days.

right now, it has become more accessible to the mainstream consumer through liquor stores, bars, and restaurants. Yet, it doesn’t mean that moonshine is forgotten. As a matter of fact, moonshine is embossed hard in the American heritage which is why people keep on coming back.

If you have stories to share or more interesting facts to add, don’t be shy and leave a comment. Let’s share glasses of this soon. For now, I’ll leave you to your thoughts about whether you should or should not try this alcohol. I say, why not!

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