Taste of Heaven

Erika had a long day; her firm had been working to close a major deal and she had been on her feet for hours. Now all the papers were signed, the deal was set, and she had left and all she could think of was seeing David and relaxing. She arrived at his apartment and David was already waiting for her. He was still dressed from the office, though his tie was long gone.

Long day?” David asked rhetorically, gesturing for her to come inside.

You have no idea.” Erika replied as she walked inside, her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Her fingers grazed against David’s arm, lightly tugging on his shirtsleeve as if she didn’t want to let go.

Well I think we need to get you a drink” David said as he used her grip to lead her to the living room. There was a fireplace and a leather couch in front of a small coffee table. Upon the table was a black and gold box. Before the box was a crystal decanter, filled with whiskey and surrounded by a pair of square crystal classes.

The light from the fire played off of the reflective crystal as well as the shiny gold upon the case that held the other glasses.

What did I do to deserve this?” Erika asked as she sat down and admired the glasses. “You didn’t have to do this.”

Well, you closed your deal.” David said as he sat, gently picking up the decanter and removing the crystal stopper. “Also, you are someone who deserves this and more. Only the finest things for you Erika.”

Erika smiled as she watched David pour whiskey from the decanter into one of the waiting crystal glasses. The dark amber liquid shined through the crystal and played with the ambient light in the room. Erika was mystified by the decanter, the whole experience like a ritual performed just for her by her lover.

David handed Erika her glass before pouring one of their own. They were beyond words; they were beyond anything that was not them and there at that moment with the whiskey in their glasses and the decanter set that sat before them. Every sip was a treasure, every pour an event. They got lost in what they were doing as they got closer. They drank, they laughed, they enjoyed the light and warmth of the fire.

The pair drank from their glasses before setting them on the table in front of the decanter. They became more interested in each other than the whiskey and moved closer, began to embrace each other’s bodies, kissing and beginning to remove more of the work attire they had been too distracted to deal with earlier.

As things grew heavier between them the setting sun caused the light to dim, the only illumination coming from the fire, reflecting off of the crystal set and casting a dancing array of lights on the pair and the room around them.

They both had a lot going on in their lives, but with the fire, the decanter, and each other there was only the moment…and they would not even consider wasting it.

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