The 10 Most Expensive Whiskeys

While you can just buy some cheap whiskey in your local convenience store, there are those which only the eyes can see. The cheapest whiskey can go for as low as $10, while the most expensive whiskeys can go for as high as $500,000. For casual drinkers, yes, this as far as the eyes can see.

Undoubtedly, whiskey is one of the most expensive liquor in the world today. No matter what citizen class you are in, you’ll always find a whiskey that will suit your taste. Whether it’s cheap or not it’s always about your own personal taste.

The reason why it boils down to personal taste is that there are those who enjoy this drink when it’s expensive. For those who love their liquor expensive, there’s nothing in this world that would stop them from buying expensive drinks. Which is why there are a lot of distillers that strive to make the best drink so that they can sell it for a high price.

What Makes Whiskey Expensive

whiskey in glass

There are a lot of factors that would determine the price of an expensive whiskey. Some bottles base their price according to their production value. These are those which are from premium grains and better packaging. And not only that, a brand name also has an impact on its price.

While raw materials are the main reason why whiskey is so expensive. There are other external factors that increase the price of this liquor. The factor that greatly increases the price of this drink is its rarity and uniqueness.

Rare whiskey has always been in the spotlight for most liquor collectors. Whether they drink it or not they still spend thousands of dollars just to get their hands on the most expensive whiskey. We aren’t even sure if these thousand dollar drinks are worth their price.

In this article, we will explore the most expensive whiskeys in the world. This list is mostly based on auction price and market value. So read on to find out what the world has to offer.

The Most Expensive Whiskies Around The World

Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson - $58,000

dalmore whiskey

First of all, let’s start small. Yes, a $58,000 is relatively small for those who love to collect expensive liquor. The Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson is one of the most sought out liquor in the market because of its rarity. You can only find this bottle in your exclusive auction houses.

What makes this whiskey expensive is that there are only 12 bottles that are being made by the distiller. Each bottle has a different packaging. It was being made in honor of the owner of the estate, Alexander Matheson.

There is no exact number of how many bottles of this liquor exists. There are reports, however, of a Chinese businessman who bought a bottle of Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson at a Singaporean airport.

W & J Mutter’s Bowmore Whiskey – $60,135

bowmore whiskey

This bottle is the oldest bottle that this distillery has ever produced. The auction value of this bottle is around $60,000. The number of bottles Bowmore produced during this time is still unknown, up to this date.

What makes this whiskey expensive is that it is the last remaining bottle available in the market. The bottle itself is pretty rare because it was given to William Mutter when he sold his share of the distillery during the 80’s.

The bottle was placed at an auction house after it had passed down from one generation to the next. After the sale in an auction, it fetched a world record for being one of the most expensive bottles of whiskey ever sold.

Glenfiddich 1937 – $71,700

glenfiddich whiskey

Made in 1937, this single malt Scotch whiskey has stood the test of time. This remarkable drink is being stored in vintage casks since Glenfiddich started brewing in 1937. For almost 80 years, the same cask is being used to store this liquor.

What makes this liquor expensive is its rarity and history. Known to be one of the best whiskeys in the world. Only 60 bottles of this liquor remain and it can only be found in auction houses. Vintage collectors are being drawn to its rarity which is why the price of this liquor is high.

The highest bid to ever come across this liquor is at $71,000. Collectors and enthusiasts who own a bottle of this drink are having trouble dealing with it. The reason behind it is that the liquor itself is very tempting to drink, and yet it’s very expensive to consume.

MACALLAN 1926 - $75,000

macallan whiskey

One of the bottles in Macallan’s Fine and Rare collection. This single malt blend was distilled in the early 1900’s and was bottled in the late 1980’s. Its dark color comes from the old barrel that was used to store this liquor.

What makes this liquor expensive is that there are only 40 bottles known to be in this collection. Each bottle has its own individual price and auction value. The last known bottle that was bought was by a businessman from South Korea.

The bottle that was bought by the businessman was at $75,000. The vintage value of the liquor is what makes it expensive and highly sought after by whiskey collectors. Even its tasting glass has a certain amount of value in the market.

Springbank 1919 – $78,000

springbank whiskey

This 50-year-old whiskey is one of the rarest single malt blends that was ever released during its time. The Springbank 1919 was produced in 1970 by the Springbank Distillery. It was once considered as the world’s most expensive liquor as declared by the Guinness Books of World Records.

In terms of the age, rarity, and presentation of the whiskey, it’s not a shock to know that one bottle of this drink could cost you around $78,000. The Springbank 1919 was the first premium release by any distillery during its time because only 24 bottles were being made.

How vintage whiskey is sold, priced, and presented today is attributed to this liquors success. Today, you’ll only find this bottle in private auctions and rarely in your online liquor stores. If you’re willing enough to spend $78,000 on this drink, make sure to keep it safe.

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 – $94,000

glenfiddich whiskey

The Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve was made in honor of William Grant’s granddaughter Janet Sheed Roberts. Only 15 bottles were made by the company. This is one of the reasons why this liquor is very expensive.

While 4 bottles of this liquor were kept by the family, the remaining 11 bottles were sold to auction. The latest bottle that was sold in auction was in 2012. It was sold at a New York auction for $94,000. Which is why it is one of the most expensive liquors today.

According to those who have tried a shot of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts, it said to have a strong and heavenly fruity flavor. Unlike the other brands on this list, this liquor is expensive not because it’s rare. It’s expensive because it has a unique and well-balanced flavor.

George Washington Straight Rye – $100,000

george washington whiskey

Made from George Washington’s recipe himself. This straight rye whiskey was produced on October 28, 2003, at George Washington Distillery for the first time in over 200 years. It was made by a team of distillers from America’s most trusted producers.

It was aged in specially made oak casks on the grounds of Mount Vernon for over 2 years. The first known bottle that was ever sold was purchased by Shanken Marvin during a charity event. He bought one bottle of George Washington Straight Rye for $100,000.

The bottle that publisher Marvin Shanken bought was later donated to a whiskey/distillery museum. This purchase has set a new world record for the most expensive liquor ever sold. The bottle he bought dubbed as bottle no.1.

Dalmore 62 – $250,000

dalmore whiskey

The Dalmore brand is one of the most expensive whiskey brands in the market today. Following the success of the Dalmore 64 Trinitas, the company released another rare bottle under the name of Dalmore 62.

What makes this liquor worth $250,000 is that it has been in storage for more than a century. And not only that, it also has a platinum and crystal decanter that holds the liquid in. But what attracts collectors the most is that it has an established name and its rarity in the market.

The Macallan M – $628,205

macallan whiskey

For more than half a million, the Macallan M is one of the world’s most expensive whiskey. The age of this expensive liquor ranges from about 25 to 80 years old. It’s said to age in Spanish oak and it has a very high rarity and market value.

One bottle of the Macallan M was bought in an auction for $628,000 in Hong Kong. What makes this liquor expensive is that the bottle is made from a handcrafted crystal decanter. The decanter was made by a group of expert crafters.

There are no reports of what the exact numbers are regarding the number of bottles that were produced.

Isabella Islay – $6.2 million

6.2 million whiskey

Finally, the last whiskey in our list is not expensive because the liquor inside of the bottle is rare or tastes heavenly. No, it’s because the decanter is engraved with 8,500 diamonds. If that doesn’t spell out expensive, it also has 300 rubies and white gold attached to the bottle.

While the value of Isabella Islay is tied up to its bottle, there is some value in its liquor. The type of liquor that the bottle holds is Scotch whiskey. While there’s no exact information about the liquor in the bottle, it’s still said to be as valuable as its bottle.

But for most enthusiasts, the liquor in the bottle has little to no impact on the price of the liquor. This is because you can just pour out its contents and change it with water and it will still be worth $6M dollars.

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