Top 15 Food To Pair With Whiskey

Food pairing is a common practice within fancy restaurants and hotels. That’s why it’s no surprise that this practice has also reached your bars and counters. Pairing food with whiskey is not as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when pairing food with liquor just like compliments of the liquor and food.

A lot of people are skeptical about pairing food with whiskey. Not because it’s impossible to do, but because there are a lot of combinations for one pair to be superior over the others. You might agree with this dilemma because there’s a certain truth to this. This is why we’re here to explore the different foods that can be then paired with different whiskey types.

If you’re a fan of this type of liquor, you’ll surely find something to your liking in this list. Needless to say, you might not agree with some pairings in this list because you might think that the pairing does not match or there are other matches that are better. You can try different pairings if you want and try different combinations.

Why Pair Whiskey with Random Food

The answer as to why you need to pair your liquor with some random food is that, why not? Whiskey is a type of liquor that’s best enjoyed with delicious food. Distillers are constantly persuading their drinkers to find something that can enhance the flavor of their brand.

The solution that these drinkers have found is to enjoy their favorite liquor with their favorite food. Two is definitely better than one as there are those who love to enjoy their drink with their favorite food.

There are, however, some foods that don’t work well with your choice of food. This is why we’re here to give you some suggestions as to what food goes well with your favorite drink. Here are the top 15 food that you can pair with whiskey.

Smoked Salmon

The first food on our list is the Smoked Salmon. Smoked Salmon is best to be then enjoyed with light fragrant whiskeys. Liquor which has high rye content like Bourbon and Rye makes the best pairing. The light and fragrant taste of bourbon and rye cut through the soft and fatty meat of the salmon.

The spicy and fruity taste of the rye also adds flavor to the smokiness of the salmon. If you’re going to try this pairing, we suggest that you cook wild salmon because it has more flavor and fats. Try it with Jim Beam if you love bourbon or Knob Creek if you prefer your whiskey Rye.

Pumpkin Pie

If you love drinking Scotch then you might want to try drinking it with a side of Pumpkin Pie. The fruity flavor of Scotch is further improved with the taste of pumpkin pie. It also adds a bit of spice to the pie which is easy on the stomach.

You can enjoy eating pumpkin pie with Johnny Walker or Dewars. The layers of fruitiness from Dewars makes a pleasant dining experience with just a slice of this pie. You could even go as far as eating a whole pie while drinking your favorite scotch whiskey.

Rib-eye Steak

Rib-eye Steak or any steak for that matter taste best with any kind of whiskey. Scotch, Bourbon, Tennessee, and Canadian whiskey can be then enjoyed with any kind of steak as long as it’s cooked medium rare. Eating steak well done while drinking liquor doesn’t offer much to your taste buds.

Trying this pair will awaken your senses and make you realize that food pairing with liquor is a new hobby that you must try out. Drinking liquor with a classic steak is a whole new way of enjoying fine dining. This experience will also make you realize that wine isn’t the only liquor that’s good with steak.

Lamb Stew

A steaming plate of lamb stew tastes better with a glass of fine Scotch whiskey. The smokey and fruity taste of Scotch can wash away and neutralize the strong smell of the lamb. You can enjoy a plate of lamb stew with a glass of Glenlivet as long as the texture of the lamb is soft as butter.

Having a fancy meal like lamb stew can also be then enjoyed with a bottle of your favorite Tennessee liquor. The sweet and charcoal taste of Tennessee complements the rich and flavorful taste of lamb stew.

Pulled Pork

Nothing beats eating pulled pork with a glass of Tennessee Whiskey. The savory taste of pulled pork compliments the strong taste of Tennessee. Having a charcoal and sweet taste, a glass of Tennessee will mix in perfectly with the spices that you add to your pulled pork.

You can also enjoy pulled pork if you glaze it with spices and BBQ sauce together with a glass of Bourbon. The woodiness taste of Bourbon and the savory taste of Pulled pork is something that you need to try out for yourself. You can try with a bottle of Woodford for extra flavor.


Not everyone’s a fan of sushi, but if you happen to be a portion of those who do then I have some good news for you. Sushi can be then enjoyed with your favorite Irish whiskey. Irish has a sweet and toasty honey flavor that works well with any seafood dish. Sushi is made differently depending on the circumstances, but is mostly based on seafood.

You can try pairing a glass of Jameson or Tullamore Dew with a plate of your favorite sushi. The flavor of the sushi and whiskey will mix well creating a savory feeling in your mouth. You can also try eating sushi with a glass of Scotch.


This savory pudding can be best enjoyed with a glass of Rye whiskey. The spiciness of the Rye gives justice to this amazing Scottish dish. While some people eat and drink Haggis and Rye separately, there are others who pour a portion of their drink into the dish.

This adds a unique taste to the dish because of the light and spicy taste of Rye. The liquor complements the dish very well considering the difference in the flavor of the two dishes. You can also try haggis with a bottle of Bourbon to add a little bit of smokiness to the flavor.


Chocolate is another food that compliments any given type of whiskey. What makes chocolate a great pair is that it has a bit of bitter taste that matches the taste of this type of liquor. To get a better feel of the combination, we suggest that you try dark chocolate when pairing it with your favorite drink.

The darker the chocolate or the more cacao it has the better the pairing becomes. Obviously, there are other types of this drink that forms a better pairing than the others, and this liquor is your Canadian whiskey. It’s light and versatile taste works best when you pair it with chocolate.

Toffee Pudding

If you think that desserts (aside from chocolate) can’t be paired with liquor, then that’s where you’re wrong. Toffee pudding is only one of the many desserts that you can pair with liquor. You can pair this dessert with Scotch whiskey because the fruity taste of the Scotch goes nicely with the toffee pudding.

Toffee pudding is a sweet dessert which can be then paired with hard liquor because it complements the sweetness of the desert. You can also try and experiment with other desserts on what kind of liquor works best with a certain food.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is already known for its strong smell and flavor that’s why most people who pair blue cheese with liquor use strong flavored drinks. You can pair blue cheese with Scotch or Bourbon because of their strong flavor and high alcohol content. You can neutralize the smell of the stinky cheese with the strong aroma of your favorite drink.

Strong and peaty whiskeys need a strong pair to match its flavor, and blue cheese is the perfect pair for this kind of liquor. You can try other types of cheese with your favorite liquor, and depending on the cheese you can pair it with the liquor of your choice.

Smoked Mackerel

Smoked mackerel goes well with medium flavored liquor just like your Irish whiskey. The sweet taste of Irish can improve the flavor of your smoked mackerel. The smokiness of the mackerel also goes well with other types of liquor.

You can also pair smoked mackerel with Canadian whiskey. The light taste of this liquor can blend with the smoky and fatty flavor of the mackerel. You can also try other kinds of this dish that would match the taste of this liquor.

Rich Fruit Cakes

While most fruitcakes are already made with alcohol, you can further enhance its flavor by enjoying it with a light drink like your Rye. Depending on how they make the fruitcake, you could still enjoy it with other whiskey brands like your Canadian liquor.

The Macallan is one example of a liquor that you can drink and eat together with your Christmas fruitcake. Full-bodied rich whiskeys are the perfect pair for your fruitcakes because the flavors blend easily.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken goes well with your Bourbon whiskey because of the woodiness flavor of Bourbon compliments that taste of the grilled chicken. It brings out the best in this dish because of the unique flavor of your drink. You can try adding some garnishes to your grilled chicken to further enhance its flavor.

For your Bourbon, you can try Woodford or Jim Beam to lighten up the mood while dining with your grilled chicken. The sweet and spicy taste of Bourbon works well with grilled dishes in general. Try different grilled dishes with your favorite Bourbon drink and create an exciting flavor.

Country Ham

Country ham can be a great snack when you want a light meal together with your drink. Bourbon is the best pair for this food because of the saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the liquor. Country ham can be sliced in thin cuts so that you can enjoy them with each bite.

This dish can also be then enjoyed with Tennessee whiskey because they share the same charcoal taste. So, the next time you dine with country ham, make sure that you have a bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam by your side.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and butter pudding actually goes well with whiskey. The best pairing of this kind of dish is your Rye and Canadian whiskey. The light taste of this kind of liquor works well with the taste of bread and butter pudding. The liquor doesn’t alter much of the flavor of the liquor because of its light taste.

You can try this pairing with a bottle of Knob Creek or a glass of Crown Royal. Butter pudding can be also being then paired with Irish whiskey because of its sweet flavor. You can try pairing different kinds of bread to form new pairings that you might love.

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