Take Your Drinking Experience To A Whole New Level

Serve yourself, your friends, and your family with this hand-made Whiskey Decanter. Available in four different color options, coming with two bar glasses, this classy ensemble could be a great
addition to your home bar. The
hand-crafted wooden stand adds even
more visual aes-thetics, showing the world your unique and classy style.

Because storing whiskey inside a bottle is not enough…

When you’re still in college, you may collect empty bottles to decorate your room. Whether it’s Jack Daniel’s or Maker’s Mark, it just looks cool to store empty bottles and show off your taste to your friends.

Back then, storing whiskey inside the bottle and pouring it straight into the glass was no problem at all.

However now, as your interest in whiskey increases, you’ve approached a specific time when you feel like storing whiskey inside the bottle is not sufficient anymore.

It’s not just about drinking whiskey after all.

If it was, then anyone could open the bottle, pour it and drink.

But for you, it's never as simple as pour and drink right?

It’s about passion, enjoying an unforgettable moment, and showing the world who you really are.

One more important thing…

Pouring whiskey into a Decanter will give it a chance to 'breathe'. Yes, just like red wine and other liquors, giving it a chance to breath will make it taste even better.

Let our Whiskey Decanter take your drinking experience into a whole new level!


Specifically Designed To Be As Practical As It Is Beautiful.

When you look at it for the first time, you may feel amazed by how beautiful this piece of art is.

The natural and classy feel of the wooden stand, how bright and detailed the glasses are, and perhaps more interestingly, how the ship created with perfect details inside the globe will catch anyone’s attention.

But that’s not all…

Aside from the aesthetics, our Whiskey Decanter also comes with some tremendous functional features:

1. Large Size Decanter (28 Oz, 850 ml) to store a full bottle of whiskey.

2. Tight Fitting Glass Stopper to make the spirits inside last as long as they would in the original bottle. For wine, it means a few days. But for whiskey, it could last for years after you transfer it into the Decanter. This means our Whiskey Decanter can keep your drink fresh and flavorful for a very long time.

3. A Pour Funnel to fill the Decanter quickly and easily without spilling a drop. There will be no mess on the table or on the floor.

You know it’s easy to find a Whiskey Decanter that’s just beautiful. But, to find the one that is created with practical features like our Whiskey Decanter… That is something else!

Feel proud to see how anyone who comes over to your house will choose to drink whiskey coming from this Decanter.

They’ll be very impressed by how beautiful it is, and when they start to notice the features listed above, they’ll surely want to know where you bought this fantastic piece of art.


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Manually Hand-crafted For Perfect Details.

We firmly believe that you deserve complete perfection when it comes to choosing a classy, unique item like our Whiskey Decanter. That’s the reason why our craftsmen always put their best effort into crafting this stunningly beautiful product to its very last details.

From the hand-crafted wood stand, the hand-blown and etched glass globe, to the internal ship and the wooden base of the engraved glasses - we pay attention to every detail, even the smallest one to make sure it looks perfect to your eyes.

We do the hard parts so we can make sure our Whiskey Decanters could be a great start or finishing touch for your home bar, which you can display proudly and serve your guests with.


Comes With Two GlassesThat Match Perfectly With The Decanter’s Style.

Let’s face it, no one likes to drink alone. Whether you’re relaxing after a hard day of work, or you want to celebrate an important moment in your life… it always feels better to drink with someone.

We clearly understand that, which is why we also included two glasses along with our Whis-key Decanter.

And just look at these glasses details…

Our talented craftsmen designed the glasses to make sure it matches perfectly with the Whiskey Decanter itself.

It looks classy, and the glass is so clear. There’s nothing blocking the color and texture of what is inside. So when you pour the whiskey into the glass, the light’s reflection will enhance the beauty of the Whiskey’s color.

A Perfect Gift For Your
Loved Ones.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, Graduation day, or your loved ones’ birthday… our Whiskey Decanter will be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

And here’s the best part…

It’s not only great for whiskey lovers. Whether they love to drink wine, beer, vodka or even just iced tea… it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

This item will be a surprise to them and they likely never got anything like this before. They will feel so lucky to receive this fantastic piece of art as a special gift from you.

So forget about Starbucks cards or a personalized shirt anyone can find on the Internet.

If you want to give a special gift to your loved ones, our Whiskey Decanter is what you’re looking for.

Listen To What Our
Happy Customers Say…

- This is an incredible conversation piece.
“This is such a classy addition to anyone’s mancave! Once filled with my favorite dark liquor the glass ship inside really stands out!”

Anthony A.

- Perfect gift for men of good taste.
"Bought this as a Christmas gift for my grandfather. He absolutely loved it! He's an extremely tough man to shop for, so his excitement meant the world to me."

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Connie Johnson

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"This is a cool looking whiskey decanter. Mine came well packaged in Styrofoam with a cut out holding each piece and that box was packed in an Amazon box. All the wood was cleanly glued. I bought it to give as a gift for a friend that has a butler's bar and I am sure he will be thrilled. It looks really nice and well made."


Certified Safe and
100% Lead-Free.

When you store your whiskey inside our Whiskey Decanter, you can rest assured that all materials we used to craft this item are 100% safe for you.

Starting from the Decanter to the Glass Stopper and Pour Funnel, they are all certified safe and meet stringent US FDA norms.

What’s more, the glass is lead-free, which means it’s safe for any type of liquid including of course Whiskey - unlike those that are made from lead crystal.

100% Lifetime No-Risk
Money-Back Guarantee.


If you feel like this product is right for you, there’s no risk, place an order today.

We take all the risk out of your purchase by offering a no-risk 100% money-back guarantee.

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If your Decanter arrives in anything less than perfect condition, or if you just decided that it's not the product for you, simply let us know. We guarantee that you’ll get all your money back. No question asked.

You see, products made from glass like this one are fragile and could easily be damaged dur-ing shipping.

But rest assured if you want to order our Whiskey Decanter.

We guarantee you’ll get your order in perfect condition or your money back. Period.

Ready To Take Your Drinking Experience To A Whole New Level?


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  1. A stunningly designed product created to be as practical as it is beautiful.
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  3. Two matching glasses so you can serve whiskey to your guests with style.
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