Why Whiskey is Good: 9 Health Benefits

Maybe we saved the world in our past life and that’s why we’re being blessed by the goodness of whiskey, or it could be because we came to God’s good graces for us to experience the wholesomeness whiskey can offer. We’ll never know. All we can conclude is that it exists for us to know what heaven tastes like.

Where Did It Start

For the record, whiskey didn’t just pop out of nowhere or just landed in someone’s hand and then, rejoice! Nah, it has a greater history than that. “Water of Life” as miraculous as it sounds, is actually what it means, no joke. It was derived from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha,” which just means water of life and then it was morphed phonetically to “usky” to what we now call “whiskey”.

Benefits of Whiskey

It isn’t all about bad habits. Can you believe that you can glean on its benefits? Indeed, it has its benefits that you can make use for your overall wellness.

Flaunt your waistline with whiskey

Flaunt that waistline

You’ll still be able to flaunt that sexy waistline of yours while guzzling on that impeccable taste of whiskey. Having zero fats and 0.4 carbs, you don’t have to worry about your diet falling through. You can have your steak and highball without feeling all bloated up! Trust me you can wear your favorite skinny jeans for that whiskey party and enjoy.

Cancer Free Zone because of whiskey

Cancer Free

Although we all know that excessive consumption of alcohol might lead to significant risks of cancers, having a moderate amount of it can actually help you fight the risk of having any form of cancer. Whiskey is rich in antioxidants like ellagic acid, which can help stop your cells from coming into contact with carcinogens and other toxins that can cause mutation.

Also based on a 2005 research, consuming whiskey has more benefits than drinking red wine because it has more ellagic acid than any other beverages. Although the study isn’t conclusive, let’s just hope that it is not a mere fallacy and drink up!

Whiskey helps digestion


Even if you don’t believe it, consuming average intakes of whiskey can reduce complications in your stomach. Just like any alcoholic beverages, excessive intake of it might upset your stomach. You must observe proper consumption for you to glean on the real benefits of it.

Due to its composition and alcohol percentage, it becomes an effective suppressant after a heavy meal so your cravings for food reduce and that would certainly aid in weight loss.

Whiskey prevents strokes

Prevent the Risk of Stroke

Just to be clear, chugging out barrels just increases the incidence of having a stroke. However with enough mastery of whiskey intake, you can definitely help prevent the risk of having one. To put it simply, you can have a glass to protect yourself from having an ischemic stroke. You can enjoy its taste while keeping yourself healthy and protected.

Don't give your heart a break

Whiskey may lower the risk of having heart diseases. As mentioned earlier, it contains antioxidants which build defenses to fight the risk of heart diseases.

Based on a 1988 research, it has shown that it actually turns out to be a major player in protecting our heart. As we grow older, our body seems to get frailer by the second. Consequently, various organs including cardiovascular organs cannot function that well anymore.

But, what can it not do? It was revealed recently that those who consume this fine drink on a regular basis with moderate intake have almost 50 percent lower chances of experiencing heart diseases than those who don’t.

Whiskey relieves your stress


Let us all be thankful for the great invention of whiskey. Drinking whiskey along with steak and with friends reduces stress. There is no doubt about it. Simply downing

a glass can calm your brain and nerves that can result in your mind being at peace. After a long, rough day, nothing can be more relaxing than a glass of whiskey.

Control diabetes with whiskey

Controls Diabetes

Whiskey gains ellagic acid as time passes by and the longer it stays stagnant on its barrel. The ellagic acid found in it can control how much glucose is being released by the liver. This water of life also doesn’t contain any sugar, so you’re safe from any diabetes tendencies and risks.

Drinking whiskey (responsibly)  means you’re on the safe side. You can enjoy glasses of it without being cautious about the health risks it might bring.

Whiskey boosts memory

Memory Booster

Now, that is something that we should all look out for. Downing whiskey on a reasonable level means that you’re taking care of your brain. This might sound weird and confusing, but yes! It’s a memory booster, and it helps improve your memory and at the same time slows down the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is scientifically proven that whiskey has loads of antioxidants that help the brain store information. You can do all-nighters and remember all your YOLO nights without worrying you might forget them as time passes.

Whiskey prolongs your life

Long Life

This might sound like an old man’s saying, but this one is actually true. You might have guessed that this is all because of anti-oxidants, and you’re right! Antioxidants are more than what meets the eye. It increases your lifespan. You might live for hundreds of years longer just like your old favorite whiskey!

Though you might want to be cautious with your intakes so you won’t regret anything after. It’s still an alcoholic beverage, even though many doctors in the 1900’s era used this beverage as medicine and didn’t consider it as harmful due to its components.

Glass of whiskey


Well, it is not a health benefit, but we have to include this one. I mean, we have to because there’s a whole truth covering that one. It’s obvious! It’s crystal clear and it was passed down over several generations. Drinking whiskey is a fun, intimate, and sensual experience. You’ll never want to miss out on this.

With all these benefits mentioned, who in their right mind would still reject a bottle of whiskey? Whiskey wouldn’t be whiskey without all these benefits.

What about you? What benefits have whiskey given you? Tell me in the comments below!

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