Whiskey Review: 1792 Small Batch Bourbon

The “1792 Small Batch Bourbon” is a premium whiskey label named after one of the most memorable years in American history, 1792. This is the year when Kentucky was finally and officially recognized as a  state, hence, the name.

The 1792 Small Batch Bourbon is best described as a spicy fire spirit. A rye-rich bourbon, you get to enjoy this drink best by having it on your favorite whiskey glass on a warm sunny evening with a few cubes of ice.

Seasoned whiskey lovers agree into saying that 1792 is a premium high rye bourbon drink. If you ask a true-blue whiskey lover, they will tell you that this label is indeed the flagship whiskey of that momentous year, 1792. There are many reasons why you will adore this drink. First, it comes with a  distinctive custard taste with rye, fruit, and butterscotch flavor notes as well.

The whiskey comes in a decanter-designed bottle and on its front is a golden screen printed label, which renders the container to have that flashy look when you have it stored in your home bar.


The nose comes to you in a welcoming tinge of slight orange peel, deep caramel notes, and dark cherries, faint charred oak, and white pepper.


You will appreciate the palate even more due to its viscosity with deep sweet caramel, dark fruit, slight vanilla, and candied orange notes. Let it sit longer; you will feel the dry charred oak, slightly roasted nuts, and of peppery rye spice.


Vanilla, caramel, and rye spice is notable here with a medium length finish. The spicy notes are also taking the lead here. On the other hand, the sweeter flavors come into play only after the flavors decay.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon is comprised of 75% Corn, 15% Rye, and 10% Barley. Inside the bottle, this fire spirit drink takes on the color of pure, raw honey.


Straight Bourbon


Sazerac Company Inc.


Barton 1792 Distillery




93.7 proof (46.85% ABV)




75% Corn, 15% Rye, and 10% Barley


Kentucky, USA

Food to Pair With

A sumptuous meatloaf that you serve with barbecue sauce

Top Blog Sites Ratings

8.2Expert Score
Overall Review

Although the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon failed to make a stellar score for itself in this review, we can't put aside the fact that the majority of the votes from these review sites gave it a thumbs-up. This is something to look forward to when you buy this bottle and onto your shelf in your home bar.

  1. http://thewhiskeyjug.com. The Whiskey Jug site describes the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon as having a fruitier flavor when compared to a standard bourbon drink. Despite not having a bit more spiciness since it is classified as a high-rye bourbon, it still carries the usual bourbon notes such as caramel, oats, dark fruit, spice, and vanilla. This is a fairly standard bourbon, it comes heavy on its sweet notes but still successfully managed to have a decent balance.
  2. https://www.masterofmalt.comA well-balanced bourbon, you can recommend this label to anybody and feel proud about it. It is smooth to drink, and it comes with a pleasant taste which remains in your mouth for some time. Whiskey drinkers are agreeing that with its quality and taste, it is worth the price.
  3. https://flaviar.com. According to the Flaviar site, this whiskey comes with a smooth taste. The goodness of this whiskey label identifies itself as only coming from Kentucky, and nowhere else can you find a similar taste for a bourbon whiskey. Almost no burn, what you’ll have is just an excellent whiskey flavor.
  4. http://breakingbourbon.com. This whiskey label comes with a strong and heavy dose of character. Even though it comes with a rather simple flavor profile, it is a solid pour in its current price range.
  5. https://distiller.com. A taster made his comment on this whiskey label and described it as having a bold but full of flavor. This is a magnificent, high bourbon that comes with a quick finish, too.
  6. http://www.thebourbonbuddy.com. According to this blog whiskey review site, this label is not too bad. Additionally, they are saying that it does not have any significant flaw in taste and smell. Therefore, it is very much trying. They gave the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon a B- rating. This is equivalent to 80 – 84.
  7. https://modernthirst.com. This whiskey label comes with a robust taste. It is worth buying if the taste is suitable enough for your palate.
  8. http://www.bourbongents.com. This review site does not find this whiskey label as exciting as it should be. They see the taste as something dry, a clear indication they say that it may have spent too much time in the barrel. After rating the contents of the bottle, they tried adding some water to rectify its taste but to no avail. The splash of water definitely just killed the flavor.
  9. https://spokanewhiskeyclub.com. They classified the 1792 Small Batch Bourbon as a no fuss, no frill bourbon expression. Thus, giving them not much reason to get excited about it. While nothing is disconcerting about this whiskey drink, it also doesn’t have enough of anything to help it make a distinction for itself.
  10. http://flightclubict.com. The whiskey is cheap and easy to drink. However, it may earn a good place in your home bar.
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