Whiskey Review: Angel’s Envy Bourbon

One of the most notable bourbon drink in the market today, Angel’s Envy bourbon is considered as one of the best premium bourbon drink that you can buy. The name itself is famous enough to be recognized as one of the top Kentucky bourbons today.

One of the reasons why people love this whiskey is that it has a port wine cask finishing process. The port wine cask can really be felt when you take a sip of this premium bourbon. The Angel’s Envy bourbon might be considered as a premium liquor, but how does it fare overall? Here’s our review of it.


On the nose, it has a sensual scent of ripe fruit with notes of dark sugar and warm caramel. The subtle complexities of the different scents give this bourbon a well-balanced nose. You can also smell a faint aroma of maple, cherries, and spices on the nose when you smell it long enough.


On the palate, it has a smoky undertone and a rich mouthfeel of flavors. You can taste hints of chocolate, tangerine, and vanilla when you take the first sip. The complexities that the port barrel finish brings to this liquor can be noted. The flavors do not overlap each other but instead, harmonize with one another.


It has a long and complex finish. Surprisingly, the finish is not all that bitter compared to most bourbon brands. You can say that the finish is clean, warm, and full of solid flavors such as mint, rye, and fresh oranges. It leaves the impression of wanting more.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the Angel’s Envy Bourbon is composed of 72 percent corn, 18 percent rye, and 10 percent malted barley. The mash is then aged in new charred 53-gallon American white oak barrels for around 6 years. The mash is then bottled at 86.6 proof or 43.3% alcohol by volume.


Straight Bourbon


Louisville Distilling Co.


Louisville Distilling Co.




86.6 (43.3% ABV)


Around 6 Years


72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley


Louisville, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Pork BBQ

Top Blog Sites Ratings

There are a lot of reviews saying that Angel’s Envy is the best example for a premium bourbon. But does this statement really holds true? To get to know more about this whiskey, we reviewed some of the top blog sites and know what they think about this bourbon. And here’s what we’ve found out.

8.6Expert Score
Overall Review

With an average score of 8.6/10, Angel’s Envy is truly something worth being jealous of. With its sweet plate and fruity scent, it’s no wonder that this whiskey is so-called premium liquor. There is much more than its name that’s why you need to try it for yourself to know why Angel’s envy this drink.

  1. Whiskey-reviews.com. Despite all the hype, it doesn’t really impress whiskey-reviews.com. The overall feel of this whiskey is underwhelming and flat.
  2. Flaviar.com. Extremely delicious. This is how flaviar.com describes this whiskey. They have stated that it has a smoky undertone and it has a clean and smooth finish.
  3. Whiskeynose.com. According to the whiskeynose.com, Being aged in port barrels didn’t really add anything to its flavor. The price is also a bit high for what you get for a bottle of Angel’s envy.
  4. Thewhiskeyjug.com. There’s nothing wrong about the whiskey, it’s a nice mix of port finished bourbons that has a sweet and corny finish.
  5. Proof66.com. Soft, subtle and fruity. This is how they describe the Angle’s Envy Bourbon, the bottle has a rich amber hue color and it’s made from strong Italian glass.
  6. Thebourbonbuddy.com. According to thebourbonbuddy.com, the proof is a little bit low for their taste. Aside from that, the bottle is very enjoyable and it has no major flaws.
  7. Bustedwallet.com. We fell in love at first sip with this whiskey. This is what bustedwallet.com said when they first tasted this liquor. The sweet taste of vanilla and fruits is what they really like.
  8. Bevmo.com. The taste of vanilla and nut is just right for this whiskey. Being a newcomer to the whiskey scene didn’t stop this liquor from being good.
  9. Spiritsreview.com. It’s a lovely liquor that’s different from any other bourbon. This is how spiritsreview.com described this liquor, they also like the Baltic amber copper/gold color of the whiskey.
  10. Distiller.com. Full of vanilla and roasted nuts, this whiskey is truly something to behold.
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