Whiskey Review: Bookers Bourbon

The sweet nuttiness of this whiskey comes to you in full effect. This is a full-flavored robust whiskey, from start to finish. Booker’s Bourbon holds the reputation of being the first mass-produced,  unfiltered and uncut bottled bourbon launched in 1988. Its proof is ranging between 121-131 and aged from 6 to 8 years. Concerning the small batch collection of Jim Beam, this label is so far the highest proof bourbon.


You will get a strong and intense upfront alcohol burn on the first whiff, which is pretty standard for barrel proof bourbons. Then a solid nutty scent follows with light floral notes and the lingering smell of oak. The smell alone is suggestive that you take a break at that very moment and buckle up.


A sweet tasting bourbon and this is in the most figurative and literal sense. For a high proof whiskey that this label is, it is shockingly mesmerizing that it can give you a nice mouthfeel. Firstly, you get that upfront hit of the wood sugars, with hints of raisin and vanilla. Soon after your initial taste, your mouth will be warmed in an instant. The bourbon will encompass all the corners of your mouth.


The Booker's Bourbon will deliver a somewhat light but long, lasting finish. The flavor burst that it will leave your palate will dissipate, leaving behind a fresh wood finish and a tinge of light vanilla. It will put you in awe that it does not really give you that bold finish because it tends to provide you with that intensive bite upfront, right from the initial palate. This will render you to go back for more and more sips to capture some more additional flavors.

Bottling Note

The Booker’s Bourbon mash bill is 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley. Its proof comes in a range between 121-131. It will be aged between 6-8 years. In Jim Beam’s small batch collection, this is so far the highest proof bourbon.


Straight Bourbon


Beam Suntory


Jim Beam






Around six years and two months


77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley


Kentucky, USA

Food to Pair With

Grilled Salmon

Top Blog Sites Ratings

8.3Expert Score
Overall Review

For most of it, these whiskey review sites are giving this label a stellar score. This brings us to a conclusion that Booker's Bourbon is indeed worth pouring in your favorite whiskey glass on a warm, cozy evening and have it on stock in your home bar for your next drinking session.

  1. http://whiskeyenthusiasts.com. Overall, this is another stellar offering from Jim Beam in the Booker’s  series. The majority of the fruit notes that you will see in this whiskey label can never be found in any other bourbon.
  1.  https://distiller.com A very intense nose that runs from caramel,  oak, and leather, with some hints of fruits continues on your tongue. It also comes with a  pleasant burn that paves the way to have more of the vanilla, leather, spice, and oak.
  2. https://www.pastemagazine.comThis blog is describing Booker’s Bourbon as an assertive whiskey. It is one of those fire spirits that will have to benefit if you will splash it with a little water.
  1. http://thewhiskeyjug.com. The liquor comes oaky with layers of spicy sweetness that play out robust and evenly. As for the palate is running in the very same path while the finish will ensure everything about your being is all fired up.
  2. https://bourbonoftheday.com. Many people get intimidated with Booker’s because it is a high proof drink. However, the opposite is true. This is an easy-to-drink whiskey. If you are a true-blue novice bourbon drinker, it is unlikely that you will not have a high appreciation for its unique craftsmanship.
  3. https://thewhiskeywash.comBooker’s Bourbon is relatively comparable to the past bottling of Booker’s: it is very bold, big and mature. As for the palate, it is giving you woodiness on the back of it. It is pretty powerful.
  1.  http://whisky.buzzBooker’s is delicious at cask strength for its intensity and opens up with lighter notes down to 50% ABV. This is the bourbon that challenges the palate’s pleasure and pain tolerance.
  1. http://whiskeyenthusiasts.com. Booker’s Bourbon is worth buying a pour! Many bourbon drinkers will find this to be another reason to be happy about. Thus, the website heartily recommends it to anyone who’s got a good amount of inquisitiveness on barrel proof bourbons but is having hesitations about the heat.
  1. https://malt-review.com. According to the blogger, this fire spirit is not too bad actually. The more time that he spent with this release, the more convinced he was there is nothing about it that he will not like.
  1. https://flaviar.com. This drink is adored for its honey, toasted, cinnamon and fruit flavor notes. Slightly spicy and toasted.

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