Whiskey Review: Buffalo Trace Bourbon

If you’re looking for a classy bourbon with a good length of sweetness and spiciness then the Buffalo Trace Bourbon might be what you’re looking for. Made from one of the most award-winning distilleries in the world, Buffalo Trace Bourbon has a rich taste that any bourbon lover would adore.

Whether or not the Buffalo Trace Bourbon is still considered as one of the best well-rounded bourbons in the market today is still unclear. To give you a bit of information about this liquor, we’ve made a simple review just for you. Here’s our review of Buffalo Trace Bourbon whiskey.


On the nose, the Buffalo Trace Bourbon has a scent of mature oak and a bit of spiciness. The underlying scent of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla is something any whiskey lover would like. Overall, the Buffalo Trace Bourbon has a smooth and sweet nose.


On the palate, this liquor has a hint of vanilla and caramel. You can also taste a bit of fruitiness and honey on the first sip. On the palate, it has a sweet and smooth taste that burns your palate for just a little bit. The sweet taste of toffee, oak, and vanilla are very enjoyable as it sticks to your mouth for quite some time. Overall, the palate is enjoyable as it is sweet and light on the throat.


The Buffalo Trace bourbon has a moderate finish that’s sweet and full of oak and corn flavors. The finish is very interesting for a 90 proof whiskey as it gives a mellow impression on the mouth. As the liquor lingers in your mouth, you can also taste hints of spice and toasty wood.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the Buffalo Trace Bourbon is currently undisclosed. However, according to their distiller, the mash bill that they used in making the bourbon is Buffalo Trace mash bill #1. Before being bottled, the mash bill is aged for around 8 years in premium barrels. The appearance of the whiskey inside of the bottle is golden caramel.


Straight Bourbon


Sazerac Company Inc.


Buffalo Trace




90 (45% ABV)


Around 8 Years


Buffalo Trace mash Bill #1


Frankfort, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Fish and Chips

Top Blog Sites Ratings

8.3Expert Score
Overall Review

Despite being released a little too late, the Buffalo Trace bourbon is still something that whiskey lovers should have on their shelves. The most notable comment that we’ve reviewed is that it has an excellent value for your money. Despite being a little above the price range of cheap bourbon, the flavor of the whiskey is something worth much more.

  1. Breakingbourbon.com. Smooth, well-balanced, and very drinkable. This is how breakingbourbon.com described this drink. It’s a good whiskey for those who are new to bourbon.Although it may not challenge a seasoned bourbon drinker’s developed palate, they’ll still appreciate its overall quality and great value. This could easily become anyone’s everyday bourbon.
  2. Spiritsreview.comWarming but not burning. The Buffalo Trace Bourbon is very easy to drink with its mellow flavor. The notes and flavor of this bourbon are really worth its price.
  3. Thewhiskeywash.com. According to thewhiskeywash.com, the whiskey is very affordable for its quality. Its unconventional aspects make it really likable and worth all of its achievements.
  4. Sourmashmanifesto.comAccording to the sourmashmanifesto.com, what they really like about this whiskey is that its sharp without being rough and raw. The taste versus the price is something worth mentioning because it feels like it’s worth more.
  5. Thecocktailgeek.com. The whiskey is a very solid mix of bourbon that works well with other cocktails. This is one of the best choices for a bourbon drink and it’s a very respectable choice.
  6. Boozeguru.blog. This is what bourbon should really taste like. This is how boozeguru.blog describe the buffalo trace bourbon on their very first try. They claimed that it’s the best bourbon for its price.
  7. Modernthirst.com. When it comes to value for your money this whiskey is a winner in its category. The flavor profile of this whiskey is really good for your average consumers which is why it’s really good for its price.
  8. Why.buzzisk. You can easily mistake it for something expensive. The Buffalo Trace bourbon is the ideal well-rounded bourbon whiskey that every liquor enthusiast should have on their shelves.
  9. Thewhiskeyjug.com. The taste of corn and rye in this bourbon is what really captivated thewhiskeyjug.com. The smoothness and effortless feel of the Buffalo Trace Bourbon is a really nice surprise.
  10. Bourbongents.com. According to the Bourbongents.com, the Buffalo Trace Bourbon definitely has a very smooth and in-depth flavor.
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