Whiskey Review: Bulleit Bourbon

Surprisingly, Bulleit Bourbon has been around since the 1830s under Augustus Bulleit. However, during this time, the production of the first batch of Bulleit Bourbon came to a halt after the death of Augustus. On 1987, Thomas E. Bulleit, Jr, the great-grandson of Augustus Bulleit revived the old family bourbon recipe and started the Bulleit Distilling Company.

Today, the Bulleit Bourbon is considered as one of America’s classic Bourbon-style whiskey. Whether or not this whiskey is still America’s go-to old style liquor is still debatable. When it comes to value for your money, the Bulleit Bourbon might give you what you need. However, others might not agree with this statement. To know more about this bourbon here’s our review of the Bulleit Bourbon.


The nose of the Bulleit Bourbon has a vanilla and orange zest scent. You can also smell different notes of caramel, toasted oak, and rich spices. The richness of rye can be noticed because of its strong aroma which makes the nose quite enjoyable. Overall, the nose of the Bulleit Bourbon is mild.


On the palate, it has a nice burn that can be felt from the mouth to your throat. The taste of pepper, spice, and oak overwhelms the palate and it gives it a strong impression. Those who are new to bourbon might not like the strong flavor but veterans in this field will.


The Bulleit Bourbon has a long and spicy finish till the end. Notes of rye, oak, and caramel can be savored which is nice for a bourbon whiskey. Overall, the flavors of the Bulleit Bourbon are very likable because each note and flavor compliment each other making it a classic bourbon whiskey.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the Bulleit Bourbon is composed of 68% Corn, 28% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley. Because of its strong flavors, the mash bill of the whiskey is aged for around 7 years before being bottled in old-school style bottles. The color of the liquor inside of the bottle appears to be medium amber.


Straight Bourbon




Four Roses Distillery




90 (45% ABV)


Around 7 Years


68% Corn, 28% Rye, 4% Malted Barley


Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Roasted Turkey

Top Blog Sites Ratings

During the past decade, the Bulleit Bourbon has already made a name for itself. But despite the uniqueness of this liquor, there are still a lot of whiskey enthusiasts that are not so impressed with it. To know whether or not this is true, we’ve reviewed some of the top sites and here’s what we’ve found.

7.8Expert Score
Overall Review

Overall, the Bulleit Bourbon is still such an amazing whiskey in terms of flavor and aroma for its price. A lot of the top sites agree that the liquor performs well within its price range and it’s overall enjoyable. Whether you agree with their reviews or not, the Bulleit bourbon is here to stay and will continue to make more bourbon lovers proud.

  1. Thewhiskeywash.com. According to the whiskeywash.com, the Bulleit bourbon is a good bourbon to try. They described it as something comparatively light for a whiskey. It’s a great example of what bourbon whiskey should be.
  2. Thewhiskeyjug.com. Overall, the Bulleit Bourbon is hard to beat when it comes to value for your money. It has a great taste and it’s full of wonderful aromas.
  3. Masterofmalt.com. According to the masterofmalt.com, it’s a stunning and brilliant bourbon.
  4. Bourbongents.com. The Bulleit Bourbon is a solid entry-level whiskey with a superb price. It really holds well as an introductory whiskey for beginners.
  5. Breakingbourbon.com. It’s a versatile bourbon that works well with other liquor when mixed. This is how breakingbourbon.com described this drink. Although, its lack of complexity will not make it a hit for everyone.
  6. Distiller.com. Distiller.com described this drink as something that has a nice scent of oak, corn, and vanilla. They also liked the medium finish of the bourbon where you can feel the rye and cinnamon taste.
  7. Insearchofelegance.net. A solid bourbon on the palate. The Bulleit Bourbon is a good whiskey to just drink to enjoy, without needing to put a lot of thought into it. It has a soft and light taste and a bit of bite in the end.
  8. Spiritsreview.com. According to spiritsreview.com, the Bulleit Bourbon is a decent old-school high rye bourbon whiskey. The price is certainly a bargain for its content. If you want to try something new give this bourbon a try.
  9. Modernthirst.com. The strength and flavor of this whiskey are unexpected. It’s surprisingly drinkable and very unique for a 90 proof whiskey.
  10. Stevecoomes.com. An old-fashioned drink that performs well, the Bulleit Bourbon is such an amazing seller considering its price and solid flavors.
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