Whiskey Review: Eagle Rare 10 Year

One of Buffalo Trace signature collection, the Eagle Rare 10 Year is one of the company’s top-quality bourbons. According to some Bourbon lovers, the whiskey is deliciously fragrant and has a great value for your money. The Eagle Rare 10 year is carefully hand-picked from premium New Charred Oak barrels and proofed at 90 or 45 ABV.

Whether or not the Eagle Rare 10 Year holds up to its name as one of Buffalo Trace Premium bourbon is up to you. To give you an overview we’ve made a simple review for your pleasure. Here’s our review of Buffalo Trace’s world-famous Eagle Rare 10 Year.


On the nose, the Eagle Rare 10 Year starts off with a dried berry scent that’s followed by a heavy scent of dark fruits. You can also smell a faint scent of oak, vanilla, and dark maple. When you start pouring it, you can immediately smell notes of rye and caramel.


On the palate, the Eagle Rare 10 Year has a strong woody oak and grain taste. Different spices can also be tasted like pepper, cinnamon, and clove. Overall, despite having a lot of dark flavors, It has a sweet and tasty flavor for a 10-year-old bourbon.


The Eagle Rare 10 Year has a long and sweet finish that’s attended with notes of dark fruits and spice. The taste of toffee, vanilla, and honey lingers on your tongue for a short while. Overall, the finish is nice but it has no lasting impression compared to other bourbons.


Bottling Note

Just like the Buffalo Trace Bourbon, the mash bill of the Eagle Rare 10 is currently undisclosed. However, according to their website, the mash bill of the whiskey is made from Buffalo Trace Mashbill #1. The mash bill is aged for 10 years in New Charred Oak before being bottled at 90 proof.


Straight Bourbon


Sazerac Company Inc.


Buffalo Trace




90 (45% ABV)


10 Years


Buffalo Trace Mashbill #1


Frankfort, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Grilled Tuna

Top Blog Sites Ratings

While the Eagle Rare 10 Year is surely impressive on paper, this is still not enough to prove its worth. With its unique taste and flavor profile, a lot of bourbon lovers will definitely flock to this whiskey. To give you an idea of what other bourbon lovers think of it, here are the top blog sites ratings.

7.9Expert Score
Overall Review

With an average score of 7.94, the Eagle Rare 10 Year is a point away from having a really high rating. Despite what others think, the whiskey has proven time and time again that it’s indeed a Bourbon that deserves a spot in your bar. With its amazing value for your money and flavor profile, the Eagle Rare 10 Year deserves all of its praises.

  1. Thewhiskeyjug.com. Robust yet easy to drink. This is how thewhiskeyjug.com described this liquor. They also claimed that it’s rich and has a really great flavor for its price.
  2. Insearchofelegance.net. According to insearchofelegance.net, the Eagle Rare 10 Year has a really nice nose that has a wonderful spiciness and dryness. The maple and lemon finish is also something worth mentioning.
  3. Spiritsreview.com. An amazing liquor for its price. This is how Spiritsreview.com describe the Eagle Rare 10 Year. This whiskey is a great drink for bars and clubs.
  4. Modernthirst.com.The Eagle Rare 10 year is a decent bourbon despite having no major change from its old bottle. This is how the modernthirst.com described this drink, It’s still drinkable nonetheless.
  5. Caskmalt.com. According to Caskmalt.com, the Eagle Rare 10 Year is an interesting bourbon with plenty of complexity. It also has a nice sweetness and aroma to it, the only downside is its short finish.
  6. Whiskeybon.com. It already won me over. This is what whiskeybon.com said after they’ve tried the Eagle Rare 10 Year. What they loved most about the whiskey are its fruity flavor and its reasonable price.
  7. Breakingbourbon.com. While you won’t be blown away by its amazing flavor profile or aroma, you won’t be disappointed either. This is how breakingbourbon.com rated this bourbon.
  8. Meademule.com. This is a damn tasty bourbon. This is how meademule.com described the taste of eagle rare 10 year. They even considered it as one of the best Eagle Rare they’ve had.
  9. Bourbongents.com. It’s a really easy bourbon to drink with a complex nose and a variety of different flavors. It’s recommended for someone who has experienced low-end bourbons.
  10. Barrelsandmash.com. According to barrelsandmash.com, the Eagle Rare 10 Year has a really great value for your money. Anyone who’s new to bourbon can take up this bottle and drink it with ease.
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