Whiskey Review: Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses bourbon is a unique liquor because of how it is being produced. Unlike your typical bourbon drinks, this whiskey is made up of two different mash bills and another five different classifications of yeast strains to make ten exciting new flavors for bourbon.

Whether or not this method of making whiskey is good enough to make bourbon lovers try their product, is up to the public. It is their opinion whether the four roses bourbon lives up to its name. To give you a bit of detail with regards to this liquor, we’ve made a review just for you.


The first thing that will greet you is a blast of floral scent followed by hints of sweet notes of caramel and apple. There’s plenty of zesty aromas that you can smell when you pour it in a glass. A bit of pear and toffee can also be felt when you leave it in the glass.


Different flavors of berries and cherries can be tasted when you first take a sip of this bourbon. It has a soft and light taste on the tongue to which you can feel its various flavors. A well-balanced flavor of floral and fruity taste can also be tasted.


The Four Roses Bourbon has a long and fruity finish. The different flavors of berries and spices that you taste linger softly in your mouth for quite some time. The floral quality of the liquor can also be felt but only for a short time. Overall, the finish of the four roses bourbon is light but long.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the Four Roses Bourbon is a blend of 75% Corn, 20% Rye, and 5% Malted Barley, and the other one is a mix of 60% Corn, 35% Rye, 5% Malted Barley. It’s bottled at 40% AVB (80 proof) and the liquor inside of the bottle has a light amber or a golden yellow color. The mash is aged for about 5 years before being bottled.


Straight Bourbon




Four Roses Distillery




80 (40% ABV)


Around 5 Years


75% Corn, 20% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
60% Corn, 35% Rye, 5% Malted Barley


Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Pork Belly

Top Blog Sites Ratings

The Four Roses bourbon might have a unique mash bill, but how does it fare in the market? With a lot of bourbon brands competing in the market today, is the Four Roses bourbon a hit or a miss amongst whiskey lovers. We’ve reviewed some of the best sites to know what their opinion on this liquor and here’s what we’ve found.

7.4Expert Score
Overall Review

With an average score of 7.41, the Four Roses bourbon has indeed high-highs and low-lows averaging from the highest score of 9.4 to the lowest of 3. In the end, the reviews reveal that is bourbon is quite enjoyable for its price and flavor. For some reviewers, it’s their go-to cocktail mixer.

  1. thewhiskeyjug.com.The surprising balance of aroma and flavor is a delight every time we pour it on our glass. This is how thewhiskeyjug.com describes the Four Roses whiskey.
  2. Distiller.com. According to the distiller.com, they described the taste as having a sweet corn flavor with the scent of sweet honey and vanilla. It has a long finish of oak and brown sugar.
  3. Proof66.com. There are many bourbons that are equal or greater than the Four Roses bourbon but this whiskey is the sweetest we’ve ever tasted. This is how they described the taste of the Four Roses whiskey.
  4. Breakingbourbon.com. According to breakingbourbon.com, the Four Roses bourbon is not exciting enough to love even if it has a budget-friendly price. However, the liquor is easy to like and it can be mixed with other drinks to make cocktails.
  5. Masterofmalt.com. The liquor has a well-balanced taste and it’s smooth to drink. According to the masterofmalt.com, it has a sweeter finish compared to other brands.
  6. Bourbongents.com. According to the bourbongents.com, the Four Roses bourbon is a ghost whiskey having no depth or substance. There is better cheap bourbon in the market that has flavor than this liquor.
  7. Barrelsandmash.com. It’s good for a cheap bourbon. This is according to barrelsandmash.com, it’s a go-to mixer for making cocktails and it can be as equally exciting when you’re drinking it neat.
  8. Thecasks.com. According to thecask.com, this liquor is easy to find and it’s really worth your money. The flavor is basic and straightforward despite having two mash bills.
  9. Winemag.com. A mellow bourbon that has a light and creamy vanilla taste. This is how winemag.com reviewed this liquor. They also stated that it has a gentle finish either you drink it neat or mix it.
  10. Bevmo.com. According to bevmo.com, this whiskey is the go-to bourbon because of its cheap price and excellent flavors. It’s also a good mixer for most cocktail drinks.

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