Whiskey Review: High West American Prairie

The High West American Prairie is one unique whiskey not only because of its amazing flavor profile but also for the cause that they want to promote. High West wants to promote the preservation and building of America’s largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states. Every bottle of High West American Prairie that’s being purchased, 10% of the profits will go to the cause.

This particular bourbon is impressive enough to be considered as one of the best bourbon drinks in America. Several whiskey lovers found this drink very attractive because of its smooth and young taste. Despite its interesting flavor, there are still those who are skeptical of this brand. To give you a little bit of detail about this whiskey, Here’s our review of High West American Prairie.


On the nose, the High West American Prairie has a honey and dark fruit scent. It also has hints of vanilla, rye, and sweet bananas. Overall, the High West American Prairie has a mild nose which gives off a sweet scent of spices.


On the palate, the sweetness of vanilla and butterscotch can be tasted on the first sip of the bourbon. You can even taste some hints of floral flavor when you let it linger on your mouth for a short time. Overall, the taste of High West American Prairie is quite enjoyable because of its sweet notes.


The High West American Prairie has a long and dry finish. The taste of green apples, banana, and oak lingers on your tongue as the liquor settles on your mouth. Overall, the finish is very nice because of the different mix of flavors.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the High West American Prairie is not entirely disclosed. However, it’s known to be blended from 3 mash bills which came from MGP Seagrams and 2 other undisclosed labels. The mash bill of MGP is composed of 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% barley. While 2 of the labels were undisclosed, the mash bill of the other half is shared, it’s composed of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley. On the bottle, the whiskey has a light amber color that matches its tall bottle.


Straight Bourbon


High West


High West Distillery




92 (46% ABV)


Around 2 Years


75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley
84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley


Park City, Utah

Food to Pair With

Smoked Salmon

Top Blog Sites Ratings

The High West American Prairie is one remarkable whiskey, not only does it taste great it also has a wonderful advocacy. However, despite the overwhelming support of this brand, there are still those who can’t wrap around the taste of the whiskey. To give you an idea of what other whiskey lovers think about this liquor, we’ve checked some of the top blog sites and here’s what we’ve found out.

8.4Expert Score
Overall Review

Despite the confusion with regards to the mash bill of this whiskey, it is to no debate that a lot of reviewers gave it a high rating. The High West American Prairie holds true to its name as something every bourbon lovers should try. Not only are you drinking good bourbon, but you’re also helping nature reserves grow.

  1. Thewhiskeyjug.com. Bold and flavorful. This is how thewhiskeyjug.com described this whiskey. What they like most about this whiskey is that it has a warm and savory flavor that’s not overbearing.
  2. Flaviar.com.According to flaviar.com, the High West American Prairie is not too bad. They did something right with this brand, the sweet and toasty taste of this whiskey is something to be commended.
  3. Modernthirst.com. It’s remarkably sweet and drinkable. This is how the modernthirst.com described this drink, they produced a sourced whiskey that has a great and pleasant flavor.
  4. Insearchofelegance.net. The High West American Prairie has a spicy and dry finish that’s pretty nice. Insearchofelegance.net also describe it as a little bit rough because of the younger components.
  5. Spokanewhiskeyclub.com. Some drinkers might not get excited over this whiskey but rye lovers will. It has nice aromas of rye which makes it amazing.
  6. Totalwine.com. According to totalwine.com, the High West American Prairie has balanced flavors of honey and sweetcorn that’s surprisingly satisfying. It’s just a wonderful blend that’s worth its price.
  7. Bourbonr.com. Not only are you getting a good bourbon you’re also helping to save the environment. This is how bourbonr.com described the High West American Prairie.
  8. Caskmalt.com.According to caskmalt.com, the High West American Prairie is just a solid sipper. It’s not only is it reasonably priced, but it’s also really easy to drink and enjoyable.
  9. Winemag.com. The High West American Prairie is described by winemag.com as having a mild vanilla and resin scent. You can further appreciate it’s palate by adding water to your glass to bring out its distinct cinnamon and peach notes.
  10. Distiller.com.Nice, smooth and unique. This is how distiller.com described the flavor and complexity of the High West American Prairie. Despite tasting younger than it is, it’s still nice and smooth.
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