Whiskey Review: Jim Beam

Jim Beam is a great contender when it comes to Bourbon whiskey. It’s not uncommon to see people comparing this drink with Jack Daniels because they’re both equally popular. Jim Beam is an excellent drink to mix in with other liquor to make cocktails and other mixes.

One of the biggest names in the whiskey industry, Jim Beam has become a staple brand in the market. This is because of the unique flavor of this liquor that has fans around the world begging for more. To give you a bit of history and background of this drink, we reviewed Jim Beam from top to bottom.

And here’s what we’ve found out.


The nose of Jim Beam has is principally corn and it has a light fruity aroma. The smell reminds you of old alcohol and menthol.


On the palate, this liquor has a hint of vanilla and caramel. You can also taste a bit of fruitiness and honey on the first sip.


As it decays and lingers in the mouth, Jim Beam has a soft finish. You can taste still feel the caramel and vanilla linger in your mouth. It has a mellow finish that leaves a bit of impression in your mouth.

Bottling Note

The mash of Jim Beam Old is made up of 13% Rye, 77% Corn, and 10% Barley. It is then fermented for 60 days until the mash is completely processed. After which the mash is distilled to 80 proof and aged for 4 years in new charred oak barrels before bottling.


Straight Bourbon


Beam Suntory


Jim Beam Distillery




80 (40%)


Min. 2 years


77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley


Nelson County, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Smoked Ribs

Top Blog Sites Ratings

There has been a lot of debate surrounding this liquor whether or not it lives up to its name as one of the greatest Bourbon whiskey in the market. To shed light on whether or not this liquor is worth your time and money, we listed some well-known site and see what they think about this brand.

Here are 10 blog sites and their ratings on this popular liquor.

6.3Expert Score
Overall Review

According to the general overview of all of the websites, the whiskey has an overall weak finish but the overall taste, price, and composition of this whiskey is something to be appreciated. A lot of the sites believe that this whiskey works best as something to be mixed in with other brands.

  1.  breakingbourbon.com. The site believes that there is nothing special about this whiskey because it leaves no lasting impression in the mouth. They believe that it has a weak finish and aftertaste.
  2. distiller.com. According to distiller.com, the whiskey has a weak finish but the overall taste and composition of Jim Beam is something to be appreciated.
  3. thewhiskeyjug.com. They believe that Jim Beam is easy to drink and that it deserves all of its praises and achievements. According to thewhiskeyjug.com this Bourbon whiskey is easy to drink.
  4. spiritsreview.com. According to spiritsreview.com, Jim Beam is quite drinkable for its price. The claim that it’s cheap, light, and very easy to drink.
  5. whiskyjerk.com. They claim that this type of whiskey can be mixed in easily with other whiskey brands to make wonderful cocktails. The also added that Jim Beam has no bad aftertaste which makes it a great whiskey for its price.
  6.  adventuresinwhiskey.com. According to the website, the liquor is great for newbies because of its cheap price and excellent taste. Though it doesn’t have any complex flavors, it’s a great starter liquor nonetheless.
  7. whiskey-reviews.blogspot.com. The website finds Jim Beam as fairly timid and that it doesn’t have any robust flavors that could pop out of your mouth. However, the whiskey can still hold on its own against other brands.
  8. whiskyrant.com. According to whiskeyrant.com, Jim Beam has a decent taste for its price. Everything is too light for this type of whiskey.
  9. whiskybase.com. It’s an easy whiskey to drink. This is according to the findings of whiskeybase.com, they also claim that this whiskey has a splash of honey and a hint of vanilla.
  10.  entry-proof.com. According to entry-proof.com, they don’t believe that this brand is worth its title as one of the worlds leading bourbon brand. However, they believe that this whiskey is perfect to mix in with other brands to make unique cocktails.
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