Whiskey Review: Noah’s Mill Bourbon

One of the richest and flavorful bourbon whiskey in the market, the Noah’s Mill Bourbon is one fine example of an old but solid whiskey. What makes Noah’s Mill unique is its diversion from your typical whiskey bottle by using a wine bottle. The whiskey doesn’t only stand out because of its unique bottle, but also because of its amazing flavor profile.

Experienced bourbon drinkers adore the complex flavors of Noah’s Mill, however, some believe that Noah’s Mill is not for new bourbon drinkers. To give you a bit of information about this bourbon, here’s our review of Noah’s Mill Bourbon.


On the nose, the Noah’s Mill Bourbon has a strong smell of oak, alcohol, and spices. This indicates that the whiskey has a strong proof. Despite having a strong alcohol smell, the scent is not unpleasant to the nose. You can also feel notes of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla.


On the palate, it has mostly warm notes of oak and vanilla. The taste is a bit strong with flavors of cinnamon and spices that make for a great bourbon. You might also feel a bit of creaminess on the palate with deep notes of caramel when you drink it neat.


The Noah’s Mill Bourbon has a solid finish that’s medium to long in length. You can really taste the oak and vanilla flavor in its aftertaste. The finish is a bit dry, however, the different flavors surrounding the finish makes it worth every drop. Overall, the Noah’s Mill Bourbon has a very pleasant finish with a bit of burn on the tongue.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of Noah’s Mill Bourbon is currently undisclosed, however, according to their website the mash bill is composed of rye grains and wheated bourbons. The mash bill is aged for around 15 years before being bottled at 114.3 proof or 57.15% AVB. The color of the liquor inside of the bottle is dark amber.


Straight Bourbon


Kentucky Bourbon Distillers


Kentucky Bourbon Distillers




114.3 (57.15% AVB)


Around 15 Years


Blend of multiple rye and wheat recipes


Bardstown, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Smoked Sausage

Top Blog Sites Ratings


The Noah’s Mill Bourbon has a lot of positive feedback from a lot of bourbon lovers. But how does it fare to critiques? Now that you have an idea of what this bourbon is, it’s time to know what the top blog sites think of this liquor. Here’s what they think of Noah’s Mill Bourbon.

8.1Expert Score
Overall Review

Despite the slight changes to the mash bill and age statement of the bottle, Noah’s Mill is still at the top of its game for having a high average score. This goes to show that it is indeed a high-quality and premium bourbon drink. If you’re looking for a high-proof bourbon that’s bursting with flavors then you might want to pick up a bottle of Noah’s Mill.

  1.  Thewhiskeywash.com. A solid and flavorful bourbon. This is how Thewhiskeywash.com describe the Noah’s Mill Bourbon. What they like most about this bourbon is that it has a deep flavor profile that fits its higher proof.
  2.  Sourmashmanifesto.com. According to the Sourmashmanifesto.com, the Noah’s Mill Bourbon has a great burst of aromas and flavors that feels great on the tongue. It’s not for the faint of heart which is why older bourbon drinkers would love it.
  3. Abvnetwork.com. Noah’s Mill is for experienced bourbon drinkers. This is how Abvnetwork.com described this drink. They also claimed that the Noah’s Mill is a very solid sipper that most bourbon drinkers would love.
  4. Bourbongents.com. Exceptionally well made and balanced bourbon. According to the Bourbongents.com, the Noah’s Mill bourbon has an exceptional taste and complex flavors that make one hell of a great taste.
  5. Bowtied-and-bourboned.com. This is a bourbon with deep, bold flavors. According to Bowtied-and-bourboned.com, The Noah’s Mill Bourbon is simply a robust taste of flavors that are very enjoyable to drink.
  6. Bourbonoftheday.com. It isn’t perfect, but still a remarkable bourbon nonetheless. According to Bourbonoftheday.com, if you want to drink a shot of Noah’s Mill, you might want to add a little bit of ice because it has a slight burn.
  7. Barrelsandmash.com. According to Barrelsandmash.com, Noah’s Mill Bourbon is a nice mix of different mash bills that makes for an interesting flavor profile.
  8. Spokanewhiskeyclub.com. According to Spokanewhiskeyclub.com, the bourbon is truly one of those premium bourbons that you need to track down and taste for yourself.
  9. Theaposition.com. The Noah’s Mill is remarkable. This is how Theaposition.com described the liquor. They also claimed that the only thing that’s lacking with this bourbon is that it lacks a bit of esoteric subtext.
  10. Adventuresinwhiskey.com. It’s not a daily sipper, however, it packs a punch that works well with its higher proof. Noah’s Mill has a strong and spicy flavor that works best when you drink it on the rocks.
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