Whiskey Review: Old Forester Bourbon

The Old Forester Bourbon is known for many things but the most notable title that this bourbon holds is that it’s America’s first bottled bourbon. The first sealed bottles of Old Forester Bourbon were exclusively marketed by George Garvin Brown.

This whiskey is known to have a medicinal quality which is attributed to George Brown being a pharmaceutical salesman. Today, this whiskey is widely known as one of the best bourbon out in the market today. To give you a bit of insight on what this whiskey is, we reviewed the old forester bourbon for your convenience.


The nose of The Old Forester Bourbon has a strong scent of rye with a hint of vanilla and caramel. Overall it has a spicy scent and a burst of high-quality rye.


The palate starts off with a sweet caramel taste and a hint of rye. The more you drink it, the more you taste the vanilla and rye. It finally builds up to a medicinal taste with an old oak finish.


The longer the Old Forester Bourbon stays in your mouth, the more you feel the long and dry finish of this liquor. It also has a spicy finish with a bit of oak in the end.

Bottling Note

The mash of Old Forester Bourbon has a composition of 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Barley Malt. One bottle has an estimated value of 86 proof or 43% abv. The mash is aged for a minimum of 4 years before it will be processed for bottling. Old Forester Bourbon has a very standard composition for a Bourbon whiskey.


Straight Bourbon


Brown-Forman Corporation


Early Times Distillery




86 (43% ABV)


Not Stated


72% Corn, 18% rye, 10% Malted Barley


Shively, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Kansas City-Style Pork Ribs

Top Blog Sites Ratings

The Old Forester might be one of the first bottled bourbons in the market, but how does it fair on the market today. To give you an overview of how this liquor fairs with other drinkers, we’ve listed some of the top blog sites that rate different liquors.

8.4Expert Score
Overall Review

Overall, the top blog sites agree that this whiskey has a great value for its price. The price of a bottle of Old Forester Bourbon is worth its taste and quality. According to the reviews, It is a good staple drink for those who love bourbon. Other sites believe that this liquor works best when combined with other spirits. You can try it yourself and make exciting cocktails.

  1. thewhiskeyjug.com. According to the whiskeyjug, they enjoyed the old forester bourbon’s rustic and bold flavors. It makes a for an interesting and flavorful tipple.
  2. Flaviar.com. The best bang for the buck, this is what flaviar.com describes this unique whiskey. They believe that this is what bourbon should taste like.
  3. modernthirst.com. According to the modernthirst, they described this drink as a standard bearing for bourbon-type whiskey.
  4. distiller.com. Dried apricots and corn, this is how distiller.com describes this liquor. The finish has a burnt sugar taste that lingers in the mouth.
  5. thewhiskeywash.com. The whiskey has a decent value for its price. According to thewhiskeywash, although there is nothing special about this liquor, it’s still worth its price for its composition.
  6. Sourmashmanifesto.com. According to the sourmashmanifesto, the liquor starts with a bang and ends with a fruity and oak finish. Considering the price for its taste, they said it’s worth it.
  7. pokanewhiskeyclub.com. Just a daily sipper. This is what the pokanewhiskeyclub.com feels about this whiskey. However, even though it has nothing grand to offer, the value you get for its price is something noteworthy.
  8. totalwine.com. You might agree or disagree at their score, but according to totalwine.com, this whiskey has more to offer than just its value for your money.
  9. winemag.com. Just like a fruitcake. This is what winemag.com describes this liquor. According to them, this type of whiskey works best when combined with other spirits to make cocktails.
  10. theliquorbarn.com. Flavorful with a hint of cinnamon and honey. According to theliquorbarn, this liquor has a pleasant touch of toffee.
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