Whiskey Review: Wild Turkey 101

One of America’s premium straight bourbon, the Wild Turkey 101 has become a household name among whiskey lovers in America. Simply one of the best bourbon whiskeys out there, the wild turkey 101 has a strong yet mellow taste.

There are some, however, who believe that the wild turkey 101 has nothing special to offer. Whether this claim is true or not depends on the opinion of the general public. To give you a bit of information on this brand of whiskey, we reviewed Wild Turkey 101 just for you.


Oak and toffee are the first things that will greet you when you open a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. An added layer of vanilla and butterscotch can be felt which makes the overall experience quite intense. The nose is quite likable and pleasing despite having a strong scent.


Spice, oak, and vanilla can be tasted on the first sip of the glass that lingers on the mouth for quite some time. The wild turkey 101 has a great balance of flavors and notes that can be felt on the tongue. Notes of honey and caramel can also be tasted upon continued tasting.


The wild turkey 101 has a bit of a dry finish or aftertaste. Oak, spice, and pepper are the dominant flavors that are left on your mouth. What lingers most is the oakiness and the char flavor that comes from the barrel of the wild turkey 101. Overall the finish is quite enjoyable despite its spicy flavor.

Bottling Note

The mash bill of the Wild Turkey 101 is 75% Corn, 13% Rye, and 12% Malted Barley. The appearance of the liquor in the bottle is deep gold and is proofed at 101 (51.5% AVB). The mash is aged for at least 6 years at around 109 proof inside of the barrel and is diluted to 101 proof before being bottled.


Straight Bourbon


Campari Group


Wild Turkey




101 (51.5% ABV)


Around 6 Years


75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley


Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Food to Pair With

Dark Chocolate

Top Blog Sites Ratings

When it comes to premium bourbon, Wild Turkey 101 will surely be one of the brands that will be mentioned. But is Wild Turkey 101 really worth its fame? We’ve reviewed some of the top blog sites on their opinion of this brand and here’s what we’ve found out.

8.3Expert Score
Overall Review

Overall, the Wild Turkey 101 fairs average with a score of 8.3 on its average score. Despite being bottled at 101 proof, the flavor, and character of the wild turkey 101 still hold true to its original flavor. The consistency of this brand is without a doubt top notch.

  1. Bourbongents.com. According to the bourbonagents.com, they described wild turkey 101 as a bourbon drink for bourbon lovers. It has an outstanding value for your money and it’s a must-have for whiskey lovers.
  2. Breakingbourbon.com. A fantastic budget bourbon. This is how they describe the wild turkey 101 as a brand, they also feel that every bourbon drinker should have at least one bottle of wild turkey 101 on their shelves.
  3. Modernthirst.com. The flavor is consistent and it has an excellent flavor profile. According to the modernthirst.com, Wild Turkey 101 is a very good whiskey for bourbon lovers.
  4. Thewhiskeyjug.com. According to thewhiskeyjug.com, the wild turkey 101 has a well-balanced and a robust flavor for a bourbon whiskey. It’s good to drink it neat or to be mixed with other liquor to make high-quality cocktails.
  5. Flaviar.com. Smooth but powerful with a light burn. This is how flaviar.com describes Wild Turkey when they got a chance to review it.
  6. Distiller.com. Subtle yet full of sweet and rich aromas. According to the distiller.com, the wild turkey 101 has an excellent palate and finish that reveals a rich flavor of chocolate and caramel.
  7. Thewhiskeywash.com. According to thewhisheywash.com, the Wild Turkey 101 has more taste and vigor than most bourbon drinks that are out in the market today.
  8. Insearchofelegance.net. The distillery has been consistent in making powerful and flavorful bourbon all throughout the years. Wild Turkey 101 is one of their best creation yet and it deserves a spot on your shelves.
  9. Proof66.com. Consistent and true to its character. This is how they describe this bourbon because of its consistency when it comes to its flavor and raw scent.
  10. Binnys.com. According to binnys.com, Wild Turkey 101 burns good in the mouth when you drink it and it tastes solid as well.
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